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Monday, 16 October 2017

A change of plan

This is cake number 2, cooked yesterday
1st cake is cut into, hubby and daughter love fruit cake. 
 I am missing - brilliant book, clever.
A family secret - a light read, won't choose another book from this author. 
 Hubby got me roses on Saturday, half price from the Co-op
 Another gift from hubby
I have wanted this book for ages. 
When I cooked my Christmas cake, I found I had enough ingredients to make another, hubby gave me the big eyes, daughter came to visit and wanted to take some home with her. The first cake overcooked a bit on one side, so I was happy to make this second cake, plus Will tried some of my cake and tried to get more. Our house has smelt of spices for days.
We had Will overnight on Saturday, mummy and daddy had a night out with friends, Will was lovely, he woke up at 11pm when we went to bed, I hoped he would settle, but after giving him a bottle he slept through to 7.30am. We had plenty of play time before mummy came to pick him up. We feel it is very important Will's parents have some fun adult time together and with friends.
Hubby and I went out for a Sunday carvery yesterday, we had a nice meal, but we would not go back again, we are looking for a nice place to go at end of the month with daughter, her hubby David and Will, and David's parents.
We did not get the weekend weather we were promised, it is very mild here, I did nothing in the garden, spent loads of time reading.
I am having a day at home, I was unwell yesterday, enough for me to call our local doctors surgery, which does not have out of hours cover, redirected to NHS 111. I called at 6.45pm and was told a doctor would want to speak to me and would call me back, go to A&E if feeling worse. At 2.30am the controller called to say I was not forgotten, but they were very busy and a doctor would speak to me, I said forget it, I would see my own doctor this morning. If this is our NHS system, I can fully understand why our A&E departments are so stretched, I understand doctors (GP's), need to have time off, but if the system is so broke at local level, how can it catch up, which leads to everyone in A&E. I have always thought those in the medical profession are angels, but those who control the system are devils.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Spiced up

I show this each year, 
my typed Christmas cake recipe
used for the last 20+ years. 
 I don't used the orange juice,
I use the zest and juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons
soaking over night
 I picked this tiny bunch of flowers from the garden
the vase is one from Win's house, her nephew let me choose a few items.
I have loads of flowers still in bloom.
Another good book
Set in Scotland
The house is full of spice, it smells lovely, I love cooking our Christmas cake, it will be in a low heat oven for 5 hours. It's the one cake I always cook myself. I have never looked for another recipe, this one works for me, I always use the juice of orange and lemons, if I'm using the zest, I like to use all of the fruit, the juice does not evaporate when cooking, so the fruit stays moist. Once the cake is cooked I turn off the oven and leave the cake inside until tomorrow morning, allowing it to cool down slowly.
I am sat here disappointed, we were promised a lovely sunny day here, yesterday was sunny but not that warm, I woke up knowing I could be outside today. BUT it's dull wet and not very warm. We have been promised a really good weekend of warm sunny weather.
I have my sewing machine out, I have one quick task to do before stitching Will's quilt together, my mind is full of the reading wigwam, plotting and planning how I am going to make it safe for a little boy. I have a few tricks which should make it work.
Hubby has been sorting our TV box, he has found me loads of TV series which I can watch again as the winter weather arrives, I am not good at sit and do nothing. I have Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, and The Handmaidens Tale, BUT I also have all 16 seasons of ER, with 12 episodes at 45 minutes long, it's alot of TV to watch. I watched every episode, always on the day aired, I loved every thing about this programme, I am looking forward to getting to know them all again. As for George Clooney, he was good looking but I always preferred Anthony Andrews ( Mark Greene).

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Catching up

I have sorted my pin cushions out, 
later I am going to require loads of pins for Will's quilt
 These fall into both my beautiful and useful thinking 
 Will eating sunshine slices for the first time, he loved them 
 This is the last week for our old £1 coins, I have a purse full of new coins, 
so I sorted our jar and swapped £6, 
we will use this jar in December for our Christmas shop. 
The jar above belongs to our youngest daughter Su, she is not keen on it, we have used it for years, it was brought back from a trip to Germany. The contents will be kept for our big Christmas shop, if you use the Tesco sorting machine, it prints a receipt, if you take cash there is a handling charge, but if you spend the receipt at the till, you get your full amount, which we expect to be near £100.
We have savings on nectar points, on both our Co-op cards, the Co-op cards have about £50 which will be used for our fresh produce, we will buy the week before Christmas.
 It's been a nothing few days here, the weather is dull and as the garden is up to date, I have spent my time doing other things.
Sunday evening, I sat and read, we did watch the results on Strictly, I was sorry to see Rev Richard go, but he really could not dance!
Monday, Su and Will came over, we went to our local library, they had baby rhyme time at 10am, in the afternoon we went to Garson's garden center, I don't go often as it's a modern style center, where they buy everything in, and give as much space to gifts for all the family. We did have a lovely lunch there. They had their Christmas stuff on show, Will loved the lights. I did get a couple stocking fillers and a few ornaments, but nothing for the tree.
Tuesday, I felt tired all day, I did babysit Will at 1pm for a couple of hours, he fell asleep as mummy left and woke up on her return, so I had a rest full afternoon.
Today when hubby gets home we will pop supermarket shopping, we don't need much, but enough to balance the trip out in the car.
I have ironing and sewing to do this week, I hope to pop to a couple more fabric shops, still looking for Christmas fabrics.


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