Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This and that

I have shown this before,
it's a real shock to compare to what we really do eat.
Ali over at Less equals more has done her post on the subject. 
Like so many others we have been looking at our relationship with food, what we eat, where we get it from and of course how much we eat. One of the main things I have done is to use a smaller plate, my mum would call this a breakfast plate, as you can see it's a bit smaller than our normal plates.  I try and keep my portions to the center of the plate.
  I enjoyed all three books, Cake Shop in the Garden being the best one here. 
Still doing very little sewing, I have another project forming.
We have followed loads of sport from Rio, the cycling being both our favorites, followed by the diving and gymnastics, it's a proud time to see so many medals being won. I have watched TV most evenings in the past couple of weeks, we were really late to bed last night, watching the last cycle race, with it's 3rd start, then a quick switch over to see the last dives. 
Last week we booked our holiday, just over four weeks now, and I'm on a mission to lose a few pounds of flab, so we have cut carbs to a minimum, it is hard when every day there are cakes, biscuits in the office, I sit very close to our tuck shop, and at 11.30 each day the sandwich lady comes in with lovely cakes. I still walk each lunch time, but will all the sport on TV, we don't do enough after our evening meal. That will change once the Olympics are over, hubby has serviced my bike, so we can start local riding, we have a few lovely places to visit along our water edge. 
I have started using weights to help my upper body strength, now I no longer have to take the cancer drugs, I feel I want to try and gain strength. 
I don't get the exercise in our garden, every thing is looking good and does not require any hard work, it's time now to enjoy all the previous hard work.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


I decided to join the lighter blue bands, 
so I measured and made three bands
 At two high I could see this was working
 At three high it was perfect, now what to do at the top level
I was going to fold and sew the uprights in
 Too bulky, so I cut each to length and double stitched them
The top is the most important bit, it holds everything together
 I chose to use some more of this fabric, 
I liked the fact I could use a thin strip 
 So my basket finished, it holds itself up well
I have just woven the straps, with no plans to stitch them
 This is sturdy, and pretty 
 I don't mind you can see the joins for the horizontal bands
it is after all a working basket
 I have pegged the corners for now, I need them to define
next time I get the iron out I will neaten the corners. 
I'm very pleased with this, using waste items to remake things I can use. If the corners do not sit right then I will have a look and maybe sew along the corner line. The basket is bigger than I planned, but that's a good thing, at one point I almost decided to add a duffel bag top and have another bag, but in truth I don't think I would use it. It took longer than expected, you can see the start of the project here.
We popped to town this morning and booked our break for September, we are flying off to Tenerife, a week of rest and sunshine, we do like island holidays. We also very naughty went into BHS, it's the last few days of our local shop, got a few summer tops each, they are so very cheap.
The sport is on TV, it's going to be interesting tonight Tennis final, more cycling and the gymnastic finals.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Food for thought

I have just watched Cowspiracy, on Netflix, an interesting documentary film about the cost to our world on the production of meat. Firstly  I eat meat and have no plans to stop, months ago we made the decision to have two days each weak without eating any meat or fish, it's an easy adjustment to make. We try not to buy meat from the supermarket and using a local butchers, so we don't save money we just purchase meat which is more than often produced locally. The film gives loads of facts and is very sobering to watch, at the end they gave compelling evidence for everyone to become vegan, which really whilst you know is the correct thing to do, in reality it's not going to happen. They use the argument of land, water consumption to show the true cost of raising meat.
I have not eaten ham in months, it's far too processed for me, so on the odd occasion I have sandwiches I eat cheese. I don't eat too much bread, refined white flour causes me too many tummy problems.
We have also stopped eating process food, we now use ingredients to make our meals, no longer will you find in our pantry jars and packets of sauces. I am growing and drying our herbs and peppers to add flavour to our dishes.
The supermarkets dictates what food we have, we can buy anything at any time of the year, we only buy food in season, this summer we have enjoyed our own and local strawberries, we stopped regularly buying fruit and veg which is shipped from across the world, having a break from anything and waiting for them to come into season, makes the item taste so much better. Plus often those wonderful strawberries from the other side of the globe, look beautiful often they have no taste at all.
We have also cut our portion size, it was a huge shock to see the recommended portion size, compared  to the size of cuts purchased, with so many things super sized, everything is changing.

Potty again

We went shopping today
firstly we went to Wyevale garden center, it's not our most local or one we normally would choose to visit,  but they had these blue pots at half price, the two grey ones at £1.50 each perfect for the citrus pips I am bringing along. The blue pots were £16.99 and £12.99, the lazy girl at the till scanned both through at the lower price so instead of 50% off we got both for £12.99.
 I managed to break the smaller pot, almost perfect for what I required. 
 Making terraces and then planting
 I love all the little pots, and can't wait for the cacti to grow on the top terrace
 We popped to Dunelm, hubby wanted kitchen items
so a quick walk around the materials
 1 meter of both at £8.99 each
now I can make so items for youngest daughters nursery. 
Both prints are beautiful, not decided what to do with them.
We got all the shopping done, I now have my new swimming costume, and some new underwear. Hubby got loads of socks, he wears the sport white socks more often now as he wears deck shoes and trainers. Since retiring he wears totally different clothes each day, all more relaxed.
Hubby got a couple new bird feeders, he has been changing them around, he is trying to find a seed feeder which will stop the pigeons throwing all the seed over the garden. He also got a nice water feeder as well, our garden birds are very lucky.
I enjoyed remaking my mini pot, I was unhappy with how the other pot looked, but I have found another use for the pot, on it's side for a hedgehog house, it is in part of the garden where the hedgehogs come most nights, I have added some leaves, it would be nice if it did get used.
We are having fish for tea tonight with parsley mash, my herbs have gone mad, we will also bake some home grown  vine tomatoes and sweet peppers.
I will make my basket and finish a book I am reading, later there is loads of sport.
Tomorrow I want to wash my car, the weather is warm sunny and dry, so I will enjoy being outside.
Later we can relax in our garden, nothing to do unless we pop for a cycle ride or walk, either way we will take our camera's with us.

Friday, 12 August 2016

It's Friday evening

Hubby has been busy
He has replaced the bird table pole and most of the back fencing, all was rotten.
Our rose arch is looking good
The birds love the feeding station in this position. 
Next year I want sweet peas and a black eyed susan climbing through the roses.
 Flowers have gone mad
I love the red pompom dahlia through  the lupins 
as for this begonia, what can I say stunning
My side cottage garden is full
next year I will throw loads of seeds over this bed
 Close up of the back section
another fuchsia and begonia  in a tall chimney pot 
 We don't have many things to harvest this year
 My lemon plant has recovered, and the little orange is doing well
Hubby got me gravel and bark for fruit garden
but both the raspberries and strawberries are still fruiting. 
It is a warm sunny evening here in Hampshire, as you can see in my photo's above lovely blue skyes, hoping to go for a walk later.
Not much to do this weekend, the garden is looking good, we should be decorating inside, but I don't want hubby to do too much, his shoulder is healing well and we don't want to risk him having a set back.
I still require a new swimming costume, so we may pop to Whitley tomorrow at some time.
Our main plan is to enjoy this weekend, just the two of us, BBQ will feature as will relaxing in the garden.
I am going to put my basket together as well, I have decided to use the pale blue denham strips and join them together with 3 levels, photo's will follow.
I have started another book, done NO sewing at all, and watched loads of sports which we would not normally watch, the synchronised diving with Jack Laugher and Chris Mears was thrilling to watch.

Monday, 8 August 2016

This has legs

I found out 3 pairs of old jeans, all different colours
I cut a long panel from each leg, I am using bootleg jeans
 I then fold and pin so there are three layers
no rough ends showing, making them as strong as I can
 Ready for sewing, I love all the different shades
I decided to use red thread to add some colour
 Then a bit of weaving
Here I hit the wall, I am making a basket, the long bits are the side I have 4 strips of pale blue to use for the sides, but they are not long enough, each one should be 84cm, so do I try and sew my shorter ones together flat, will they be to bulky. OR do I look for a seven foot person and steal their jeans for the longer legs. A third option would be to use a different material, but I don't have anything as heavy as this denham.
The other option is to use all 12 lengths woven for a cushion front, BUT I want a basket, so I am thinking about what to do next. So for now I have started another book, another new author for me.
Below are the seams off the jean legs, these are the thick ones which the material is wrapped around like a French seam, I have seen uses for these on Pintrest, I will save these until I have a few more, then I will get creative
So no waste here, I have also kept some of the back pockets, 
I don't have any plans, they are saved just because.
What do you do with your old jeans. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Tide is in

We went back for another walk
this time with the tide in
 We took our big camera's
so these boats look much better
 Walking along the shore line
 The water makes each photo much better
 Cornfield along outer waking line 
 Every where full of flowers and fruit growing
My great niece and nephew came over yesterday
 they are my brother Martins grand children
before our BBQ we popped to our local park to play
It was true August weather, sunny and warm all day and evening, our neighbours brought their daughter Maddie, so we had loads of children's laughter in our garden, the bubble machine proving once again it the best fun. Later after the younger ones had left, we sat outside chatting, loads of laughter enjoying everyone's company. Nights like these are fewer, we do not get the long hot days enough, our summer weather is changing, but we try and make the most of each chance we get.
We were going shopping today but in truth, I can't be  bothered, so I am going into our attic to look for old pairs of jeans, I know where they are it just a matter of getting to them, our attic space is very small, so everything is piled on top of each other.
Later the hope is for another walk, might head towards the castle, not been there for a while.


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