Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sew good

 It's been a busy few days loads of craft
Monday evening I took up two bridesmaid dresses, well I cut them to length, I could not hem them, the fabric was a stretchy nylon fabric, which in truth, I found horrible, it's OK I work with the bride and she does not know of this blog. I did what was requires of me, they did not want a hem, which would have been a nightmare on the fabric. The bride and bridesmaids are all happy. I just feel it was not a great job.
Tuesday I made my bag which was a quick finish, the bag is huge, but it is perfect for my fabric stash, these soft baby fleece blankets are bulky, but now are together and neat, plus a spare curtain and still loads of room.
 I love the colours, and the handles are double thickness, so really sturdy. 
The cold weather is a nuisance, but doing no damage to my garden, most things planted are growing again, and really hardy. Almost every thing which needs protecting is still in my greenhouse.
The capillary mat is working well in the greenhouse, I cut a piece for my big tray, I keep a couple seedling trays in with my tomato plants, the strip soaked the water from a big pot, the mat stayed wet since Monday and there is still water in the jug.
I have not done anything in the garden, just checking the greenhouse to ensure everything is warm enough inside. I do have plans this weekend to sort one small bed, our soil is almost pure clay and I have to keep adding a good compost and some grit to break it up.
The tree we planted is looking good, no signs of stress.
Hubby has purchased me a book, it was booked out for months in our local library, I am looking forward to reading The Stranger in my Home, by Adele Parks, a new author for me.  I have started reading another Sharon Bolton book, Like this forever, I do enjoy her writing.
To finish, my friend saw this and thought of me, 
can't complain because it's true. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Moving things

I did a bit of retail at B&Q and Home Bargains this morning, the capillary matting and fence came from B&Q. The plant pot wheels and pot maker from Home Bargains, the wheels are underneath my tomato plants, so I can move them about, and the pot maker was reduced, made of wood and looks pretty. 
 The fencing was £10.47, I got it for the Acer pot, and hoped it would also do this blue pot, but I still have 3 sections left, so a great bargain and it's useful as it keeps the cats out of my pots. 
My twisted willow has lived in a pot since 2012, we both love this tree, and decided it was about time we found it a better home. 
 Firstly we had to ensure this pot still looked good as it's the first part of our back garden you see from the drive. 
 We had long discussions on where the tree would have space to grow, look good in the garden and also not get in the way as it grew bigger. this spot was judged as the best place, the whole area had a woodland feel to it, and a tree here would not look out of place. 
 It was the right decision, as already it looks right, I will stop cutting back the holly bush and let it fill some of the space. I have also planted the snakeshead fritillary, which had gone over in the same area. I have some primroses for the front, to finish to wooded look. 
 I put a small shrub in the pot and placed a little metal bird in front,
 hubby saw the bird and thought of me. 
Every moment spent in the garden at this time of year will be rewarded as the summer comes. The shops were full of bedding plants, and people were filling their baskets, I was a bit worried as our weather fore caste this week is for it to turn much cooler and the temperatures to drop to below normal, thus risking any new and tender plants in the garden. I normally look to plant our bedding plants in the late May bank holiday, when the risks are gone. 
I spent time in the greenhouse again, I have planted some lettuce plants in the raised bed and put in spring onion and radish seeds. I will grow salad items this year, it should keep me happy. 
I used the capillary matting under my seedling trays, I am trying it as a self watering system, being away in early May is making me think of how my plants can survive when we are away. I filled a watering can and dipped two long strips in the water, already the mats are wet, it's looking hopeful. 
I have done no sewing, but when the sun shines we want to be outside, I will do a sewing project each evening after work. 
I have finished reading A dark and twisted tide by Sharon Bolton, a really good book, I have started Thursdays in the park by Hilary Boyd, which is a light read, I'm already half way through. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Planting on

Peony time again, first bloom
I love this old plant
 Inside my greenhouse
Cucumber and potatoes in raised bed
Couple of tomato plants 
 Loads of things in the sunlight
 My staging is full, with the olive bush in front
 Outside hosta coming back to life
 Loads of chives around the lemon balm pot
 My succulent tower looking good
 I got a new light box, for a dark corner, 
message it true in this house. 
It's been a busy time, Friday was an extremely busy day at work, which made a nice change.
After my pop to the hairdressers this morning, I drove to Southampton, I have two bridesmaids dresses to take up, the young ladies modeled their outfit s and I pinned the length, that's a job for tomorrow.
Lunch time we walked to the village and had lunch out, Darcy's is a busy bistro, but we always manage to find a table, we then went on to Lidl's and got our shopping, we were good and just got food, our fridge is again full.
Later I spent time in the garden, it is much sunnier and warmer than fore caste, the greenhouse was really warm. I have planted my cucumbers into the raised garden, and have put 2 tomato plants into huge pots, which for now is in the greenhouse. We are away in a couple of weeks and I am hoping the plants will settle in their new home and do better than if I left them in their tiny pots. Everywhere is looking good, I did water my garden again, I think this must be the driest April we have had in ages, we have not seen many April showers. I am also protecting plants as the weather fore caste is for it to be much colder next week. I have not planted anything out, it's much to early for that, but I do have seeds in my raised cut flower bed, I still have the plastic top over the seeds, but I have raised it up higher, I can always move it back down if necessary.
I also got the jobs for the weekend as listed in gardeners world last night, I had forgot my lavender, which is down by the greenhouse, and is now trimmed nicely.
Tomorrow I will get my sewing machine out, finish my bag (which I will use for holding some of my material stash), and take up the dresses. I also want to finish the curtains for the two small windows in the camper van, thank you for your comments before, it's an exciting time, and can't wait to get away in it.


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